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Well-being: Cosmetics and treatments for personal well-being

Well-being opened its doors 15 years ago to offer you a select group of cosmetics and treatment lines designed and conceived for the use and enjoyment of the senses and personal well-being. Spa philosophy and application protocols make relaxation, health and beauty our main allies.

Our facilities

A place to enjoy our treatments and care

We have different facilities and areas prepared for you to relax and enjoy each and every one of our treatments.

wet installations

Relax and enjoy in a unique environment

hydrotherapy pool

It has jets located in different areas of the body.

Scottish shower

relaxation room

hot spring

foot bath

essential oil shower

Cold mist shower

treatment facilities

Spaces designed for harmony and relaxation in Wellness

treatment rooms

beauty booths

UVA cabins

Modern and varied equipment

LGP, facial and body radiofrequency, cavitation and pressure therapy, Onix

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